Stay Safe

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In early 2020, I was issued a plastic face shield at the small community hospital where I work. As a respiratory therapist, I was in the middle of treating patients with COVID when I overheard that some companies were helping out during the pandemic by changing the products they were manufacturing. I looked at my face shield and Googled the name of the manufacturer, which happened to be only about 80 miles away. I also saw something that I hadn’t noticed before. On the face shield was printed “Stay Safe.” I was in awe. To think that someone had thought to have those words imprinted on my face shield as a way to connect with me, the person wearing it, was overwhelming. And the fact this company was located not that far away made it even more special. It was such a small thing, but it had a huge impact on me! At that moment, I felt so proud to be working in healthcare. I felt the support of another human being, and it gave me the strength and courage to keep going and to always remember to wear my shield to battle.

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