Recognizing Patient Experience in a Pandemic. A Salute To You!

Honoring CHI Health Good Samaritan Hospital
CHI Health Good Samaritan Hospital is in the heart of Nebraska serving the Kearney, Nebraska and surrounding population. We pride ourselves on being a community-based, local hospital with world-class care. We were recently named one of the 250 best hospitals in the country and top 100 for surgery. From April 27 to May 1, 2020, Good Sam celebrated Patient Experience Week. We recognized it may have not been what we planned, but patient experience is always important, even in a pandemic. Each day we celebrated the people who make the experience come alive: We rallied up our leaders to carve out intentional time with staff and patients to see how they were doing. We provided treats, which our president Mike Schnieders handed out one by one. Hoping to lift spirits, we created a huge gratitude wall, as it is easy to lose sight of the good during unprecedented times like these. The turnout would bring tears to your eyes. A team of folks throughout the hospital cut out colorful hearts, and we decorated the windows in one wing with a rainbow and a message “Here For You” to remind the community that we are still here, we see you, and we thank you for your support. We finished off the week by giving a t-shirt to all 1,200 staff members in celebration of OUR hospital being one of the 250 best hospitals.

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