Pharmacy Kiosks Enhance Experience

Honoring Randy Ball, Vice President & System Pharmacy Officer

Pharmacy Kiosks Enhance Experience

Texas Health Resources continuously designs new approaches to improve safety and efficiency for our consumers. That’s why we’re pleased to offer patients the option of filling their prescriptions through a self-service kiosk prior to leaving the Emergency Department, avoiding an additional trip to a retail pharmacy. Now ED physicians at seven locations will be able to send e-prescriptions to the Texas Health Infusion Pharmacy.

The selected formulary outlines the most commonly prescribed medications and is located in CareConnect One. After being treated in the ED, patients will then be directed to the kiosk, located right in the ED. Simple instructions on the screen guide consumers through the process. A pharmacist from the Infusion Pharmacy is available virtually through the system to answer any questions and complete the prescription fulfillment.

“While there is an extra step or two compared to printing the prescription, there are significant benefits including improvements in patient compliance,” said Greg Tichenor, M.D., emergency physician at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford. “Late at night I sometimes worry when and if the patients will fill their prescription. It can be a couple of days before they’re able to get their medication.”

A Texas Health HEB patient was the first to use the Pharmacy kiosk. Dr. Tichenor added, “The patient, a young woman, loved it. This is much easier than going to a 24-hour pharmacy in the middle of the night with her small child.”

ED patient, Courtney Terrell, shared that the kiosk was very easy to use and she had her medication within five minutes.

“I do like this better than having to wait for my pharmacy to call me when the medication is ready,” she said. “I went to the kiosk before leaving the hospital and the pharmacist verified I was getting the correct prescription and answered my questions. Then I received my medication and headed home.”

Each prescription costs $12 and the kiosk accepts payment in the form of credit card, debit card and FSA/HSA card. While insurance claims are not processed at this time, charity prescriptions will be accepted for those in need. The pharmacist is able to enter the amount including zero, if needed.

“We have been looking at the remote dispensing technology for several months as a way to improve our consumer experience for ED discharge prescriptions,” said Randy Ball, Vice President and System Pharmacy Officer. “With the need to encourage social distancing with COVID-19 and a recent change in pharmacy rules to allow for placement of these machines, we moved forward to allow patients to be able to leave the ED with their filled prescriptions without an added trip to the pharmacy on their way home.”

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