People before policy

Honoring Terri Savino, Middlesex Health & Karri Crispino, Wife of Patient

Karri knew they were not allowing visitation, but asked, “Can I come see Joe? I want to tell him our boys are okay. We are not sick, and we need him to keep fighting.”

Karri was allowed a short visit with her husband.

“Oh, my goodness, holding Joe’s hand felt wonderful,” she said. “Seeing him in person, sleeping so peacefully helped me tremendously. I talked to him, told him jokes and stories from our boys, family and friends. I sang him our wedding song.”

After 36 days in the hospital, 24 days on a ventilator, and two respiratory arrests requiring CPR, Joe transitioned from Middlesex Hospital to a long-term acute care facility for rehabilitation. The hospital played the Rocky theme song over its intercom to celebrate Joe’s discharge. “When I heard the Rocky theme song start, I had chills all over my body because I knew what that meant,” Karri said. “I knew in a few short minutes we were going to be able to hug Joe after five weeks of his long battle with COVID-19.”

Sometimes, the right thing to do is to put people before policy.

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