Patient Experience – Keeping Patients and Families Connected

Honoring Southlake Regional Health Centre
With the visitor restrictions imposed during COVID-19, patients and their family members were unable to connect in person. Some patients and families were experiencing difficulties communicating over the phone or via videoconferencing. The Patient and Family Liaison (PFL) role was developed in an effort to create an environment where the best experiences happen by bridging communication between patients and their families as well as identifying a liaison with the healthcare team. The PFL role was one of the favourite positions where staff could be redeployed during the pandemic. As much as possible, the PFL is assigned to a unit, with a preference to their home base, to promote the development of a consistent therapeutic relationship. OBJECTIVES: Decrease the number of calls being fielded directly by the clinical units. Facilitate communication between patients and their families. Develop therapeutic relationships. Create an environment where the best experiences happen. The Patient and Family Liaison acts as the point person to assist in making virtual connections between patients with their families using technology. Feedback from our patients and families has been tremendously positive with many heartwarming stories being shared. Southlake staff have also shared how rewarded they feel in helping to connect our patients with their loved ones.

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