Healthcare Network provider shares a special message

Honoring Healthcare Network

I would like to share a special story about an interaction I had with one of my elderly patients who became sick during this pandemic. He wondered what was going on when he saw our staff stopping and interviewing patients and visitors prior to gaining access to the building. He was able to get in to see me, but his wife had to stay outside, per our protocols.

When I came into the exam room and greeted him, he stood up and thanked me profusely for seeing him urgently and taking care of him. He then said he very much appreciated the extra precautions we had put in place to protect everyone! He felt we were methodical and efficient. He finished by saying we were not only his protectors and healthcare providers but also his heroes!

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to the Healthcare Network employees who help care for our community but often do not get the opportunity to hear it from our patients. It demonstrates to me that our efforts during such anxious times are not going unnoticed by those who rely on it. Every day patients tell me to be careful and protect myself and staff!

I truly believe this is one of our greatest moments, because in spite of all the adversity, loss of revenues, personal risk, fear, losing employees due to possible exposure and quarantine, lack of child care, etc., we have steadied the course and continued to provide care for our patients and the community.

Thank you to each one of you for what you do for our patients and the community!

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