Frontline Heroes’ Community Support

Honoring Frontline Heroes

Geauga Medical Center, Chardon, Ohio had the opportunity to support a local nursing home. This facility was part of the hospital surge plan; we had them listed as a facility to which we would discharge COVID positive patients. We helped them set up a monitoring system that supported patient needs and additional protocols that would provide a framework for what was needed at the next site of care. While COVID was on the rise, this nursing home had an unfortunate outbreak within their facility that resulted in a number of sick residents as well as staff members. They reached out to us and asked for help and support. The goal was to keep the residents in the facility and deploy staff there to keep the residents in their normal environment. As a nursing leadership team, we put out a Call to Action and asked for volunteers to help support the community by working in the nursing home facility. We had an amazing response from staff who truly wanted to help. The staff who were deployed had varying degrees of comfort, knowledge, skills and capabilities, but the one thing they had in common was the drive to help others during a difficult time. As caregivers, we all have a foundational reason why we decided to get into this field of work. Each of us has a desire to do something meaningful that is beneficial to others. The altruistic characteristics of our staff made a huge impact on a local nursing home that would have been unable to accomplish what they did if it were not for our amazing staff. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and we were blessed with the opportunity to serve the community in a way such as this. #UHGeaugaStrong

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