Family Advisory Board Chair shares her admiration of Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Honoring Kacy Seitz
During a recent Virtual Employee Town Hall, Children’s Mercy Kansas City (CM) President and CEO Paul Kempinski read the emotional reaction of Kacy Seitz, Chair of the Family Advisory Board, to the news of CM’s furloughs. He also encouraged employees to check out a video, shot by Kacy’s husband, that captured her love for CM. ”…I received a very powerful email from the CEO of Children’s Mercy (CM) a few minutes ago just before all the news broke…and I cried. Now, for those of you who really know me, I don’t cry easily. It came out of nowhere…I read the words in the email and I could sense how hard it was for Paul to express the news to all of us. Our beloved hospital and clinics are severely hurting. And, there’s nothing I can do. He talked about the history of CM and how it all began in 1918…Kansas City was in the midst of its own pandemic at the time. I know this will all resolve eventually, but numbers like a net loss of one million dollars a day, 575 furloughed employees, and surgeries/outpatient volumes down more than 70%. Big Slick is canceled (one of CM’s largest annual fundraisers). Costs have increased for PPE. PICU expansion is suspended. Leadership is taking 20-30% reductions in pay (who were already underpaid for what they do in my opinion). It all just made my knees buckle. This place saved our baby girl over & over again. It saved us as a family, offering support for counseling for Dan & I because we have a medically fragile child. And, it continues to be our lighthouse when things get dark. But the lighthouse today screamed for help. The stimulus program and the federal government aren’t thinking about children’s hospitals. So, today I feel a very deep sense of gratitude for the place where we spend most of our time. I pray things will resolve soon, so the help, support, and services to families across the region can return to normal. And, above all, I’m so thankful for the new and very strong leadership at CM who is guiding the ship during this insane storm.” Kacy is one of 220 Patient Family Advisors who promote and support the mission, programs, services, and initiatives at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. She is the 2019-20 Family Advisory Board Chair.

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