Bringing Comfort to Families and Employees

Honoring McLeod Health -Service Excellence Department
Despite the challenges that have occurred throughout the pandemic, the employees within McLeod Health have stepped up to support the patients, community, and each other. While many of these efforts have been shared via social media and via internal communication, many things have been done behind the scenes by people who have not sought recognition or praise. Having a servant’s heart is a key component of what it means to be a McLeod Health employee and what makes employees of McLeod Health outstanding. The Service Excellence Department is full of people with a servant heart who happily continue to provide behind-the-scenes support. Throughout the pandemic, this department has: – Created Zen Den’s to provide respite areas for staff to decompress and relax – Collected donations from local vendors to deliver Comfort Care Packages to departments in the facilities and physician practices – Facilitated Comfort Calls to inpatients to combat loneliness – Facilitated Family Connect-Virtual Visits to connect loved ones with patients through technology – Facilitated Family Update Calls in the Emergency Department during visitor restrictions These things not only helped reduce the anxiety being experienced by patients and loved ones but also provided much-needed support and a morale booster to the front line staff caring for the patients at the bedside. While the team will not boast about themselves, they deserve recognition for their unwavering efforts to not only the patient experience but to the employee experience as well.

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