Advocating for the most vulnerable patients during the COVID19 pandemic

Honoring Joanna Sheinfeld, MD - The Mount Sinai Hospital Erica Rubinstein, LCSW, CPXP, VP of Service Excellence & Patient Experience - The Mount Sinai Hospital Jamie Ruhmshottel, Clinical Nurse Manager, MPCU - The Mount Sinai Hopsital
Angie, a 34-year-old Spanish-speaking young lady with Down’s syndrome became infected with COVID19 and was intubated at one of the hospital’s ICUs. Since no visitors were allowed, Dr. Sheinfeld, Angie’s visiting doctor of more than 10 years, strongly advocated for a virtual visit with the patient’s mom. However, VP of Patient Experience, Erica Rubinstein, was successful in arranging an in-person visit with the help of her leadership, ensuring the appropriate steps were taken to keep the staff, the patient, and the patient’s mom safe during the visit. Even though Angie was heavily sedated, hearing her mom’s voice, feeling her mom’s touch, and feeling her mom’s love and unconditional support gave Angie a reason to smile and the strength to keep fighting for her life. After multiple visits, Angie left the ICU and was transferred to our MPCU. Jamie Ruhmshottel, the unit’s Clinical Nurse Manager, and her team treated Angie like a princess, providing her a lot of TLC besides medical care. Our Child Life Specialists also provided entertainment for Angie including games, tablets, and coloring books. Angie became everyone’s favorite patient! Angie stayed with us at the hospital for 45 days, but she will stay in our hearts forever!

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