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The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare. In a spirit of appreciation and recognition of the heroic efforts taking place to address the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute, in partnership with Ascend Marketing, co-developed this website, Honoring Human Service. The purpose of this site is to share and celebrate human-centered stories focused on the COVID-19 crisis and highlight the extraordinary experiences collected from healthcare providers, caregivers, essential workers and the patients themselves.

Through the generosity of spirit reflected in the stories collected through this site, we remain committed to reinforcing that at the heart of healthcare is human beings caring for human beings. The efforts taking place in organizations and communities globally represent what is best in humanity, and we invite you to – and hope you will – share your stories here.

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with deep appreciation to all the caregivers who gave of themselves through the COVID-19 crisis.